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The Benefits of a Three-Sided Hanging Sign

If you're in the retail business, then you recognize the critical role played by in-store three-sided hanging signs play in attracting customers. Regardless of what you're selling, signage influences a customer's purchase decision. 

In this article, we'll look at how a three-side hanging sign benefits your retail business, perhaps, in more ways than you realize. 

What's a Three-Sided Hanging Sign?

A three-sided hanging sign is a type of suspended signage that hangs from the ceiling and extends out over a customer's head. The signage usually takes the form of a vinyl banner or an acrylic box, and it can be removed and replaced as necessary. These signs come in different shapes and sizes – including cubes and triangles.

So, why the three sides?  Well, these signs incorporate display features on all three sides. This allows you to convey different types of information from different angles, which means more ways to grab a customer's attention. 

It provides shoppers with the information they need about your business. Hence, increasing their chances of converting into paying customers or upselling them on a particular item. The visuals displayed on these signs are helpful for undecided shoppers who need that extra push to make a purchase. They also allow you to highlight your business' products and services, thus attracting customers' attention more effectively.

Brand Awareness with a Three-Sided Hanging Sign

Hanging signage presents a low-cost way to increase brand awareness. A few signs with your logo, images of your products and services, and your business name displayed along the side will do the trick.

Even if your brand isn't struggling to be recognized, you can still benefit from hanging signage by displaying information about upcoming sales, deals, promotions and more. When displayed on a three-sided hanging sign, the information is likely to be seen by many people with its multiple angles. 

It also increases your brand recall, making your business memorable to customers even after they leave the premises. In addition, it's important because many consumers return to the businesses they remember most.

Offers Marketing Versatility

Three-sided hanging signage is very versatile, especially about how it's hung and displayed. For instance, you can hang them from the ceiling using rope hangers or use spring hangers to place them on a countertop. A custom stand might also be used if the sign needs to stand on its own. The signage can also be wall-mounted for permanent displays.

It can be easily removed and replaced if necessary, making a three-sided hanging sign a very flexible marketing tool compared to traditional types of in-store signage such as billboards or lighted signs. If you want to change the signage message, all you have to do is replace it with another sign. If you want to hang it over a particular display, it can easily be done, and when it’s time to change up the display, it’s also easy to change up the three-sided hanging sign. 

Increases Conversion Rates

Not everyone who goes inside a retail store will buy something, so you must do whatever is necessary to increase conversion rates. The best way to do this is through effective customer engagement. 

Hanging signs are a passive way to engage with your prospective customers. You don't have to force a conversation with them to promote your product. Those three-sided hanging signs do the job for you. 

Three-Sided Signs Promote Add-On Products

Encourage your customers to buy add-on items that reinforce the pricier products by putting a three-sided hanging sign near the checkout counter.  You can do the same at the point of purchase by placing hanging signs near products with related add-on items. This allows you to present new items to customers who are likely interested in them. 

Add-on items bring more value to the initial purchase, but most customers need the motivation to go get them. The hanging sign helps you achieve this goal. 

Hanging Signs Are Durable Yet Lightweight 

Three-sided hanging signs are lightweight and portable. This allows you to use them in different areas of your store to best suit your needs. It also makes removing the sign effortless should you decide to change locations or move any displays around.

They are easy to transport because they typically consist of double-sided sign panels that can be folded. They're also made from a high-quality material that withstands the cold temperature from the AC system.

Despite its lightweight and portability, three-sided hanging signage isn't flimsy. It's much more durable than traditional in-store signs such as standees or lighted signs because it doesn't require additional hardware or assembly. 

Keep The Three-Sided Hanging Sign Simple

Any type of hanging signage doesn't have to be complex. In fact, you want to keep the design and message simple to avoid confusion and make it impactful. It can be a message such as “15% off” or “clearance”. Most customers have a limited attention span, so keep the sign's text, images, and logo to a minimum. 

Should You Purchase a Three-Sided Hanging Sign?

You can custom-build your three-sided hanging signs or purchase them from a sign maker. Purchasing the signage is the preferred choice because it typically offers better quality and lower prices. But there's no stopping you from doing it yourself if that's your thing. Just remember that DIY doesn't always mean saving money.

At BC Retail Supplies, we offer versatile, customized sign solutions for your business. We are Vancouver’s leading sign company and our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your marketing objectives. So whether it’s with a three-sided hanging sign, an outdoor sign, or another type of signage, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.