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8 Ways Yard Signs are Effective for Window Cleaning Companies

8 Ways Yard Signs are Effective for Window Cleaning Companies

Home service contractors benefit from yard signs, and window cleaning companies are no exception. These are highly impactful marketing tools that are cost effective and work. Like all other ways to promote a service, yard signs won't work if not used properly. 

If you're in the window cleaning business and still trying to keep up with more established competitors, then you need to focus on localized marketing. Focus on marketing methods that provides clients in a close geographic area and embrace a strategy that doesn't require a lot of up-front investment. Yard signs give you just that. 

Yard signs are great because people are more likely to interact with them than some other forms of marketing. Remember one yard sign can reach many prospects and they cannot go straight into the recycling bin from the mailbox. The additional benefit is that the prospects which see the yard signs will be nearby or pass by regularly. This is most effective if you place your sign in a highly visible location, giving a passerby little choice but to notice it. 

Here are the reasons why yard signs are a perfect marketing complement for a window cleaning business:

1 - It targets the actual audience. 

The beauty about window cleaning yard signs is that they get your target audience's attention. They can be placed in targeted neighbourhoods or areas that home owners may frequent such as a nearby parks. 

The average person sees thousands of printed advertisements daily, but only very few of them will even recall those ads. Why? Because most of these ads are not targeted to the right audience.  

If you put up a sign in front of a house or building, people will get curious and start asking questions about it since property owners will need the services of a window cleaning company sooner or later. 

2 - Signs are easy to customize. 

Customize your yard sign to fit your needs. Yard signs are effective marketing tools because you have full control over them. You choose the design, shape, size, material, and where it will be placed. It's also pretty easy to produce several copies at once if needed.

If your window cleaning business has a logo, you might as well incorporate it into the design. The yard sign is big enough to add a slogan or tagline that tells people what your window cleaning company is all about. 

For convenience BCRS provides design ready yard signs for various industries including window cleaning.

3 - Signage is cost-efficient. 

As mentioned, yard signs are inexpensive. The cheapest ones can be printed for as little as $9 each, depending on the size. If you buy in bulk, the cost per sign will go lower, making it a more practical marketing tool that needs very little investment. You can keep them on hand and distribute them whenever needed without breaking the bank. 

4 - They promote brand awareness. 

Imagine having yard signs bearing your company information throughout your locality. Anyone who sees it can't help but wonder what they'll get if they call the number. Most of them will eventually phone your office to satisfy their curiosity. Those yard signs can even bring in traffic to your website since most people go to their phones or laptop to see if they can book your service online. 

5 - Signage is easy to monitor the success rate. 

A yard sign gives you direct access to customers, which means it's easy for you to ask them how effective they are. You can simply ask a customer where they heard about your business. If they mention your signage, you'll know firsthand  that it's working. 

6 - Yard Signs help customers decide. 

There are instances when window washing customers choose to go with another company just because they don’t know your business exists. Although this doesn't happen all the time, it's  best to get your name out there just in case. If your yard sign is visible enough, at least you have a chance of speaking with these potential customers before they go to someone else. 

7 - Offers a quick turnaround of your investment. 

Yard signs offer you instant gratification since you get to see the results immediately. It's more likely that someone calls your office to book a window cleaning service after reading the sign than another person who came across your Facebook ad. It only took a few hours from passing by the yard sign and getting on the phone to hire your window cleaning crew. It couldn't get faster than that. 

8 - It'll save time and effort of going door-to-door

With yard signs up in front of properties, you no longer need to knock on every door in the locality to inform homeowners and businesses about your company. It's easier and more feasible this way. With those yard signs, you'll expect people calling you or dropping by the office to schedule a window cleaning job. It also means fewer people to hire for marketing purposes.

Window cleaning companies must take full advantage of yard signs as an integral part of spreading awareness. The effort you put into distributing them pays off fast since it brings in more customers, which means you'll earn more without the need to spend.

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If you’re a window cleaning company then using a yard sign to promote your work and your business is a no-brainer. Window cleaning is a competitive business and every little bit of brand recognition helps. 

As Vancouver’s best sign company, we understand your needs and can help you promote your business in an extremely cost-effective way. We are a local business, and we understand local needs so get in contact with us today at 604-372-0235 to discuss your signage needs.