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The Benefit of Printed Signage and How to Include Them in Your Wedding

The Benefit of Printed Signage and How to Include Them in Your Wedding

Wedding Signs Are “THE” thing for Aesthetics

It's finally time to start crossing off your "To Do" list for your Wedding day. You've already chosen your Wedding venue, you have visited your tailors to finalize measurements, taste tested your Wedding feast and everything else on your list is almost done...check check check!

You might be thinking, "Is there anything else that I might be missing? What about Wedding signage for aesthetics?" You probably did not consider this, but Wedding signage should be one of the first elements to consider for your guests to see when they arrive at your Wedding event.

Wedding signage has been making its mark in recent years within online communities, event management circles, and countless newlywed couples. Thanks to social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, we've witnessed a rise in interest from partners in holy matrimony-to-be, seeking to include variations of signage at their special events. From a sign which displays the couple's names and date of the ceremony, to signs with cute phrases posted around the venue, wedding signage has the power to solidify the importance and significance of the event taking place and to communicate desired messages effectively with all guests in attendance. Wedding signs are a great way to make a statement, add a bit of personal touch and aesthetics to your big day.

If you have not considered any Wedding signage as part of your décor for your Wedding day, don't worry, we got you! We have put together a quick guide to show you all the Wedding signage options for your Wedding. Plus, we are going to go over seven different methods in which you can use wedding signage to sprinkle your personality around your venue to make it an even more memorable occasion. 

How Signage Benefits a Wedding

A Creative Decoration

Flowers, check. Candles, check, Table ornaments, check. These are significant pieces to include as part of the event decorations as they add to the overall ambiance. Since they are expected, they are easily overlooked for the most part. Why spend big dollars on something which won't leave much of a lasting impression?

Contrary, wedding signage has the benefit of adding character and charm to the overall décor. Take for example a sign that reads “Oh hey,  party’s this way” This has a greater propensity to land positively and to make an emotional impact on your guests. You have the opportunity to be cute, funny, or romantic. Your guests will be sure to remember your event. Wedding signs have power to evoke an emotion, unlike most traditional decorations.

Time to Process

The human brain unconsciously directs its attention to read a piece of text. Wedding signage, when positioned in key places, makes people stop and process a thought for a moment. They allow you to make a statement and communicate key information with your guests. This makes signage an important part of your wedding decorations. 

Ties Things Together

Selecting a unique font adds a theme to your setting which will tie together any sparsely positioned elements. Imagine walking into an event and you see a sign at the entrance, then you continue walking and notice another sign on a table, then you head towards the bar and see a similarly designed sign with the same unique font you witnessed previously. Even though your function layout is spread out far and wide, your signage with its unique font ties together different areas. Making the experience feel similar and special to your event, throughout the venue. 

Communicate Effectively

What's more is signage positioned around your venue is a great way to communicate a message indirectly with your guests. Particularly beneficial if that message would be the cause of an uncomfortable conversation if they were discussed face to face. For example, the venue rules, designed or restricted parking spots, and noise restrictions of an outdoor event.

Having a special sign that encourages guests to follow can effectively communicate the message without someone getting into an awkward conversation with a guest. 

Incorporating signage as part of your wedding decorations can bring more life and charm to your big day. Signs have the power to communicate important messages and ensure your guests are aware of information you would like for them to take note of. Wedding signage is a fun way to get your message across without sounding annoying. Now let's go over different ways in which you can incorporate signage on your wedding day. 

7 Ways to Incorporate Wedding Signage 

1. Wedding Venue Welcome Greeting

The most popular method is to have a welcome sign at the entrance of your wedding ceremony or reception party. It is a fun way to communicate with your guests that they have arrived at the right location. We have helped couples create signage at the entrance to warm people up to the festivities and to set expectations as to what they will experience once inside the event. For example, a sign with the text “We're Glad You're Here” or a picture of the couple from an engagement shoot establishes a positive first impression for your guests to feel welcomed and excited. Because remember, first impressions matter, and your welcome signage plays a key role in framing your event in the minds of your audience.

2. Directional Signals

A lot of wedding venues have massive layouts with many different entry ways and segments that people will get lost in, especially if they had one to many of those spicy tequila shots. Let's try to not make it a confusing ordeal for them. You don't want any of your guests to accidentally walk into the storage closet. Directional signage throughout the venue is a wonderful strategy to help your guests move around the venue at ease and to have an understanding of where everything is, without having to keep asking for directions. For example, you can have signage to direct guests to the ceremony setting, the reception hall, the photo booth, the bar or car park. Directional signs for your wedding are also important to ensure the flow of the events timeline is being followed. For example placing a sign with bold and clear font to direct the attendees to the cocktail hour entrance. Using a sign helps to keep your event running on schedule and gives your attendees reason to keep things moving. Directional signage helps to keep your guests happy and comfortable moving around an unfamiliar setting. 

Wedding Directional Sign Party this Way black and white - Surrey wedding event prints

3.   Social Media Promotion

Nearly everyone owns a smartphone these days and they will probably be taking their own pictures for your big day. Your family and friends will probably be capturing a variety of different angles of you and your event. So why not use a unique hashtag for social media to consolidate all of the images? A special sign with social media icons like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook to Tiktok with your unique hashtag let your guests know what hashtag they should use when uploading content to their social media accounts. It's a fun way to share a virtual album for you and your guests to enjoy. People just need their directional cue and they are happy to follow. Not into social media platforms? Don't worry, you can also use a special sign to tell people not to take pictures too if you prefer to use your professional photographer.

4.   Bar Time

You don't want to have guests asking multiple questions or have your bartenders explaining what's available to serve to each of your guests. That slows down the flow at the bar, and you don't want to have tipsy guests waiting too long for their second or third round of the brown juice. Adding a bar sign with a list of the featured wines, the different beers or cocktail specials is a way to help your guests be informed before they speak with bartenders, which will save them time and the bartender the headache. We have helped some couples take things one step further by displaying signature drinks of the couples. So one may order the Chris, or the Stacey, which would be titles of special drinks they each enjoy. This enables you to have another personal touchpoint at your wedding that your guests can enjoy. 

5.   Table Decorations

Your wedding day could get hectic if your guests' don't know where they are going to be seated at the reception dinner. Use a wedding event seating chart sign to let guests know when they arrive at the Wedding venue where they will be seated. Here's a sample that is visually appealing! 

Wedding Seating Chart Sign - Design Ready - Surrey Event Prints

Table number or name signs are a great way to add to the aesthetic to your table décor and give a clear indication of where your guests are to be seated. 

Wedding table signage also lets you tell your guests where the wedding gifts and cards should be placed. And most importantly, a sign that directs your guest to leave a note in your guestbook. A memory to treasure forever. 

6.   Chair Hangers

If Wedding aesthetics is important to you, then you could take things up a notch and get a little quirky by adding signs to the Bride and Groom's chairs. We have worked with one couple to create a sign that hangs on the back of the newlywed’s chairs with “Bride” and “Groom”. This is a fun way to add to the personal touch of your function and to claim your throne. You could even go one step further and personalize the chairs of other members of your family like “Mother of the bride” and “Father of the groom”. There's so much you can do to make your Wedding day a reflection of the couple.

7.   Catering Options

Everyone loves the desert table. Have you ever been to a wedding and walked straight up to the desert table to see an array of pretty little treats and couldn't decide which ones to try? Instead of your guests taking one of everything just to try to see if they'll enjoy it, a better strategy would be to add signage to include a label sign to the items and give them a short description of what ingredients are in them. You could also add creative food menus to give your guests an idea of what to expect for the catering. 

Final Thoughts

The decoration you decide to include at your wedding holds the power to take your wedding day to the next level of enjoyment. Choosing to include wedding signage at your function is the perfect decoration item to include to help your wedding become a memorable occasion. Signs are a great way to communicate information with your guests, like guiding guests on where to go, what to order from the bar, or specific actions you would like them to take. Couples have the power to get really creative and add a personal flair with their signs and our team at BC Retail Supplies are here to help. If you are looking for wedding signage for your upcoming wedding, make sure to reach out to BC Retail Supplies for a free quote.