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What You Need to Know About Construction Mesh Fence Banners

There are a handful of reasons to install construction mesh fence banners in Vancouver. 

Inform workers on the job site of conditions, advertise the construction project or to protect employees from potential hazards, mesh fence banners effectively delivers safety messages and information.

A construction fence screen is also the perfect marketing vehicle for your business. It serves as an avenue to deliver information about upcoming events and provides details on real estate investments. 

If you plan to put up a construction fence screen for your business, know that there's an art to picking the right one. Here are the three criteria to consider:

1 – Construction Fence Banner Material

Canvas and textiles banners are durable, however will degrade over time when exposed to weather elements. Banners made of vinyl are impervious to UV rays and moisture. As such, they do not wear out easily. but are pricier compared to canvas and textiles based banners. 

If fence screen longevity is what you’re after, the best material to use a heavier scrim banner.  A heavy scrim banner provides the sturdiness needed for outdoor elements and is flexible enough that it won't crack or break under wind load. 

2 – Design for Construction Mesh Fence Banners

A custom construction mesh fence banner design is really important. Choose design elements that meet the purpose of your construction. Grab the attention of passersby and potential customers with amazing art work. If you want to promote your business with banners, don't forget to incorporate a logo, establishment name and contact details. 

Make sure that the fence banner design is easily visible from a distance and large enough to catch potential customers' attention.

3 – Construction Mesh Banner Size 

A construction mesh banner should be at least two feet tall so people can easily read messages or images that you put on it. It should also have hemmed and grommeted edges for better support against elements such as rain, snow, and wind, ensuring that your banner screen stays intact for a long time.

The size of the sign banner must be proportional to the construction fence. It should also match the fence's location (i.e. is it situated in front or back of the property?). If you make it too big, it may be distracting, but if you have a too small one, people might not notice or read what is written on it.

Why latex print is the Right Choice for Your Construction Sign

Latex printing is the process of printing/transferring latex ink onto any surface (i.e., the construction fence). It is the best option for your construction fence because you can easily incorporate images, colours, and graphics to deliver important messages. 

How Latex Printing Works 

This way of putting images on signs or other objects involves using the latest printer technology. The mesh loaded into the printer and taken in by automatic rollers. A latex primer is coated on the areas to be printed and latex in is then printed on top of the primer. Once primed and printed the mesh banner passes through a series of heaters to dry. Once dry the mesh fence banner is ready to go.

The edges are tape hemmed for additional rigidity and then metal grommets pressed through the doubled up scrim material. The grommets help reinforce the mesh fence banner and allow for points for zap strap, rope and fasteners to attached to.


Mistakes to Avoid in Construction Fence Banner Printing

Many different processes go into making a sign, and if the mesh isn't aligned properly or there are ink spills, this will be greatly visible to the viewer. So, it's your job to provide care and upkeep.

Another mistake is choosing a mesh that's too fine. The holes must be big enough to allow for wind to pass through. On the other hand, if they're made too big, there could be too much bleeding and distortion of the image or logo. It'll affect the aesthetics of the construction fence banner and make your business appear unprofessional. 

Work with a Pro Vancouver Signage Company

Although there are many ways to make the mesh, the outcome of your fence mesh banner greatly depends on the material and the vendor you choose. Make sure that you work with a professional so that they can give you custom advice and tips about what types of materials are most compatible with your piece.

If you're working with a professional, they'll properly align the mesh on your behalf. They help you find the right supply of ink, and if you want multiple colours, the pros will make sure that everything comes out just right.

If you have any questions about construction fence screen printing then please reach out to BC Retail Supplies. We offer high-quality print and installation for Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and the Fraser Valley.