Restroom Signs & Washroom Signs

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Restroom Signs & Washroom Signs

Restroom Signs & Washroom Signs are used to indicate the location of restrooms and washrooms in public spaces. These washroom signs are common at restaurants, airports, offices, malls and other buildings. Restroom signs are designed to help people identify the gender-specific, unisex and accessible restrooms. 

Washroom Sign Names

Washroom signs go by many names. Depending where you are restroom signs maybe referred to as: Bathroom signs, Toilet signs, Lavatory signs, Restroom door signs and other variations.

Restroom Sign Features

Restroom signs typically feature standardized symbols or icons that are universally recognizable and easy to understand, regardless of language or culture. For example, male restrooms are usually indicated by a pictogram of a man, while female restrooms feature a pictogram of a woman. Accessible or gender-neutral restrooms may feature symbols of both genders or a combination of symbols to indicate their availability for use.

Finding Washroom Signs

Overall, restroom signs and washroom signs play an important role in helping people navigate public spaces and access the facilities they need. By providing clear and concise information, these washroom signs help ensure that everyone can find and use the restrooms in a safe and comfortable manner.