Self Standing Plexiglass Barriers

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Self Standing Plexiglass Barriers

To keep things simple our self standing plexiglass barriers are easily assembled. Like the name implies, self standing plexiglass barriers do not require any additional support and stand on their own. This makes Standing Plexiglass barriers quick to set up and easy to put into place.

Quality Plexiglass Barriers

We manufacture all self standing plexiglas barriers using quality metal, and clear acrylic plexiglass. The metal stand which house the plexiglass are powder coated black. The powder coated plexiglass barrier is easy to clean and looks great. Self standing plexiglass barriers are sturdy and high quality. We designed the self standing plexiglass barriers in house with a minimalistic appearance. The simple design of our self standing plexiglass barrier is intended to match most decor. You will find our barriers in both up scale restaurants to casual dining establishments.

Standing Plexiglass Barriers For Restaurants to Separate Tables

Self Standing Plexiglass Barriers are great for separating restaurant tables, office desks, line ups and many other applications.