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5 Ways Counter Signage Is Effective

5 Ways Counter Signage Is Effective

Have you ever used counter signage in your store and wondered how effective it is?  

For the most part, you probably rely on your product, business reputation, and workforce to make sales, but you also need other ways of alerting your customers to promotions, specials and inventory. 

One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by installing counter signage. Counter signage is generally signage placed near a cash register, but it can also be on a table, a countertop, or a waiting area. It's cheap, easy to make, and doesn't have to be flashy. 

Business signage is one of the oldest yet most effective advertising strategies. It works because it attracts people. Signage is a staple, especially for small to medium-sized businesses.  It's there to establish a connection between you and your target audience. 

Unlike billboards, TV ads, and digital marketing, business signage offers real-life interaction between your business and prospective customers.  

The presence of signage puts your brand at the most convenient place for a customer to notice it. You use it because it serves a few purposes:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Guidance for customers
  • Improving foot traffic

Why Use Counter Signage?

While there are numerous types, counter signage offers the most sense for a retail business. 

With counter signage, the goal is to keep customers' attention when in line or waiting for their product or service. It will remind or inform customers about anything that matters to them, i.e., discounts, sales, products, and services. 

It's simple, so customers can easily read it, unlike complicated advertisements, which take time to comprehend. It'll take a second or two for customers to decide what they want to buy once they see signage near the vicinity of the counter. 

Counter Signage Improves Sales

Have you ever wondered why retail stores reserve space for counter signage when they can use it for product display? 

The reason is that signage significantly improves sales. It's as if customers don't care about it, but they rely on it superficially to shop for things they otherwise would have forgotten. That's why counter signage is effective because it easily grabs attention and turns that into customer action due to where it's placed.

Signs Enhances Your Brand 

In any business setting, signage does more than attract potential clients. It helps brand your business by strengthening its visual identity and reputation. 

Signage tells the world who you are and what you represent, which is why it has remained as part of successful marketing strategies for decades. When customers see your business name on display every time, they buy something, they'll automatically recognize it and associate your name with a pleasurable customer experience. 

This is why counter signage is effective because, over time, it strengthens the bonds between your brand and customers at a certain area in your store where they have the time to read your message while waiting in line.

It Motivates Customers to Shop 

Counter signage is effective because it motivates people to buy things even when it's unplanned. For instance, if you're in line at the supermarket to pay for your groceries, you see signage on the counter about a sale on cereal; you must go quick while you can still go back and get it.  

People are generally impulsive when it comes to making purchases if there is a visual incentive. That's the power of counter signage. It can push people to purchase things they normally wouldn't have chosen if not for signage. 

Counter Signage Improves Customer Experience 

Counter signage improves customer experience because it doesn't waste their time or force them to listen to an unwanted salesperson. Customers won't ignore it, but they will not have to work hard to understand it either. Signage must be short and efficient - specific and informative enough for customers without looking like an aggressive pitch. 

And most importantly, it serves as a guide for shoppers who can't seem to figure out what they need or where to find specific products. Retailers normally place signage at the counter closest to the cashier for a good reason.  

Cross-Selling at the Point of Sale 

It's common for retailers to place signage near the counter at the exact point where customers have to wait. This gives you a chance to cross-sell products and services because it ensures that customers always see your brand when they're close enough. 

Imagine a customer who is about to go through a checkout process. He's still in line for a few more minutes, and he's right next to your brand. What better way to advertise than with signage that makes him wish he bought something else? Not just that, but it can also motivate him into purchasing another thing when the cashier calls his number.

Did you know that counter displays can increase average transaction value and actual sales? Retailers and merchants use it because it's effective and can help increase foot traffic.

It doesn't matter the size of your retail establishment or where you choose to place counter signage, as long as it captures attention while not being too imposing on the customer. 

How Signs Can Be A Huge Difference 

Counter signage is your chance to make the most of every customer. You have a limited amount of time and space, so make it count. 

Despite its simplicity, counter signage presents a great opportunity for small retail shops. The reason is that it doesn't require a large capital investment. The signage itself can be pretty much universal because it doesn't have specific technical specifications to adhere to.

If you need experts to help you with your counter signage, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us as we can help guide you through the entire process.