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The New Normal: What's the Deal with Restaurants and COVID-19

The New Normal: What's the Deal with Restaurants and COVID-19

We will share with you over the next few blog posts on what some of the local business here in British Columbia have done to adapt to the "New Normal". We will describe to you what we have seen these local establishments (ie. retail stores, gyms, salons, offices) have done to encourage physical distancing. We will highlight the engineering controls they have used (i.e countertop sneeze guards, plexiglass dividers etc) to separate customers when space is limited and identify the physical distancing protocols and solutions they have used. All these solutions can be found on our website. 

The New Normal: The Restaurant

When we visited a local restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia, we saw a physical distancing system that was implemented very well. This restaurant had used floor vinyl decals to mark the spaces where a customer should stand while in line. Each of these vinyl decals were spaced 2 metres apart. They had health and safety protocols signage clearly displayed at the entrance of their restaurant. A maximum occupancy sign was also displayed at their entrance. A sign was displayed to signal customers to use hand sanitizer before entering.  This local restaurant was small with limited space. As a solution, they utilized engineering controls like metal physical barriers with plexiglass as dividers between tables that were side by side or back to back. The restaurant also setup countertop plexiglass sneeze guards as dividers at their bar-top dining area. The staff demonstrated their understanding of the restaurant's safety and cleaning protocols. Face masks, gloves were worn and hands were frequently washed. The staff at this restaurant were well trained and clearly aware of their responsibilities whenever a customer leaves the dining area after their meal. The tables, chairs, and plexiglass dividers were sprayed down completely and wiped immediately each time. 

We really enjoy supporting local businesses as they slowly and safely restart. When these great safety measures are in place, and the staff are aware and also well trained, it definitely makes dining out again less stressful. 


If you are a restaurant business and are looking for some of these items mentioned, please see the links below: