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The New Normal: How are Gyms Operating with COVID-19

The New Normal: How are Gyms Operating with COVID-19

Exercise is a great stress and anxiety reliever for many of us especially during the pandemic. A jog or a bike ride outside on a nice day has been one of the few activities we have been able to do while social distancing. But as fall finally settles in and along with it, the inevitable rain, these outdoor activities are going to be forced back indoors.

What have local gyms and fitness studios done to protect their members from Covid-19?

At most fitness facilities that we have been to, a staff member asks you a series of questions based on information from BC Centre for Disease Control’s COVID-19 resources and WorkSafeBC Guidance. A quick temperature check and hand sanitizer is also common upon entering a gym facility. A “Maximum Occupancy” sign is normally posted at the entrance to ensure for proper physical distancing. There is also signage placed around the fitness facility that reminds gym members to use hand sanitizer whenever possible, to wipe down equipment before and after their work out and also physical distancing signs found the wall or erected up by a pylon on the fitness facility floor. Plexiglass sneeze guards are hung from the ceiling, and custom sized stands with plexiglass acrylic are used as partitions. We have also seen some gyms elect to “shut down” every other piece of equipment to allow physical distancing if plexiglass barriers are not used. For added prevention of the spread of Covid-19, the staff members of the fitness facilities are frequently sanitizing and wiping down equipment while reminding gym members to stay 2 metres apart from one another. From what we have seen, some fitness facilities have followed all their requirements to safely reopen for their community and we are happy to be back to the gym again.

We really enjoy supporting local businesses as they slowly and safely restart from Covid-19. When these great safety measures are in place, and the staff are aware and also well trained, it definitely makes getting in a good workout and sweat less stressful. 

 Covid-19 Prevention Products

If you are a fitness facility and are looking for some products to help stop the spread of Covid-19, please see the links below: