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BC's Restart Plan - Steps to reduce the risk with use of Physical Barriers and Sneeze Guards

BC's Restart Plan - Steps to reduce the risk with use of Physical Barriers and Sneeze Guards

Restart your business with a peace of mind by using a proven engineering control product such as an acrylic sneeze guard and plexiglass barriers. These clear acrylic shields act as a physical barrier between your employee and customers. Here are some information regarding sneeze guards and physical barriers for your business. 

Why do I need sneeze guards or plexiglass physical barriers for my business?

Sneeze guards are simple and effective solution to help flatten the curve and keep your business going in a safe manner. Plexiglass acrylic is sturdy and optically clear shield which allows for good visibility while offering superior seperation. The acrylic shields are easy to maintain and can be set up to fit different retail, office or industrial applications. Documents and non touch payment can be accepted with zero physical contact and exposure to droplets.

What is the sneeze guard made of?

Our sneeze guards and barriers are CNC cut from 3/16" thick clear acrylic plexiglass. The clear acrylic plastic material is durable, easy to sanitize and can be customized to fit many usages.

What are the sneeze guard options available?

BC Retail Supplies supplies three variations of the acrylic sneeze guard.  Plexiglas options available are, a countertop sneeze guard, a hanging sneeze guard and self standing sneeze guard. Both the counter top shield and hanging acrylic options come in several standard sizes

  • Small 24" x 30"
  • Medium 36" x 30"
  • Large 48" x 30"

For those designer custom countertops that require extra attention to detail, we also offer custom fitted sneeze guard solutions. Contact one of BC Retail Supplies' knowledgeable sales staff at

Which option is should I use for my business?

Countertop sneeze guards

Ideal for checkout counters, service desks, information kiosks, reception areas, airport, banks, offices, retail shops and more. As countertop sneeze guard is made with clear acrylic, it blends into your business space.

Hanging sneeze guards 

If you have limited counter space but still want the same level of protection the hanging option would be ideal. By hanging the guards from the ceiling, it free up counter space while still creating a physical barrier between each other.

Self Standing sneeze Guards

For locations where there are no anchor points to hang to or a counter for the plexiglass to set up we offer Self standing sneeze guards. 

How do I purchase a Sneeze Guard?

You can order on our website under "Sneeze Guards" or click here. If the sizes does not fit your space, we can help create a custom order. Send us an email at and we will provide you with more information.

Where does BC retail supplies ship to?

We're located in Surrey, BC and offer safe curbside pick up for Langley, White Rock, Vancouver, New Westminster, Richmond, Burnaby and surrounding cities.

When you check out, select the “Curbside pickup” option and we will send you an email to arrange for pick up.

If you're not able to make the trip to Surrey, or if you are in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec or any other provinces or territories, our shipping partners ship right across Canada.

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*Our blog post is strictly to be used for quick information and should not be used for official reference. Please ensure you are in contact with your local health authority and government bodies to fully understand the clear guidelines and rules set forth of your business.