Wire H Stake for Lawn Signs


What is a Wire H Stake aka Metal Step Stake?

Wire H Stake aka Step Stake is steel wire welded in an "H" shape mainly used to install coroplast lawn signs. H Stakes are commonly used outdoors and slide into the flutes of corrugated plastic to support the coroplast signs. The upper wire provides rigidity by slotting into the coroplast flutes of your coroplast sign and the lower wires can be hammered or stepped into the ground. H Stakes sign supports are easy to use. The H-stake is easily installed and easily removed as required.

What does the Wire H-Stake come with?

H-stakes are sold individually. You will receive one welded Wire H-Stake which measures 30" High x 10" Wide. This is the perfect size of H-stake allow your coroplast sign to be elevated off the lawn or ground its being installed to.

Will this H-Stake work with my Coroplast Sign?

Our H-stakes are designed to be used with 4mm Coroplast signs. Other corrugated plastics should work with the H-stakes as well as long as the flutes are spaced and there is no obstruction in the material. Other popular brands of corrugated plastic that work with our H-stakes include hicore. 

Where can H-stakes be installed?

Physically H stakes can be installed into almost any soft ground such as soil, grass, garden beds, mulch and gravel. We recommend reviewing your local rules and regulations when it comes to installing yard signs with H-stakes. Make sure to comply with local by laws to prevent your H-stake signs from being removed.

What type of signs can be displayed with the step stake?

As long as your sign is made of coroplast and flutes run parallel to the top wires of the step stake, your sign will work. You will common see H Stake step stakes used for real estate signs, election signs, yard signs and marketing signs. H-stake coroplast signs are a great marketing tool that can be installed easily and quickly.