Wire H Stake


What is a Wire H Stake Step Stake?

Wire H Stake Step Stake is steel wire welded in an "H" shape. H Stakes are commonly used to support coroplast signs. The upper wire slides into the flute of your coroplast sign and the lower wires can be hammered or stepped into the ground. H Stakes are easy to use.

What does the Wire H Stake come with?

You will receive one weldd Wire H Stake 30" High x 10" Wide.

Will this work with my Coroplast Sign?

These H stakes are desigend to be used with 4mm Coroplast.

Where can these be installed?

H stakes can be installed into soil, mulch and gravel. We recommend reviewing your local rules and regulations when it comes to installing yard signs.

What type of signs can be displayed with the step stake?

As long as your sign is made of coroplast and flutes run paralle to the top wires this step stake will work. You will common see H Stake step stakes used for real estate signs, election signs, yard signs and marketing signs.