Wind Resistant Sandwich Board


Wind Resistant Sandwich Board

Wind Resistant Sandwich Board with coil springs and base. Sandwich board includes coil springs, hollow base and built-in wheels.

Coils help resist strong winds and return the sign to upright position. The hollow base can be filled with sand to weight sign in place. Built-in wheels on sandwich board allow for sandwich board to be moved.


  • Built-in Wheels
  • Sign inserts can be slide into place easily
  • Tabs ensure signs stay securely in place
  • Durable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Supports rigid sign material 3/16” thick or less
  • Large Sign Face - 24" Wide x 35-1/8" High
  • No tape, Velcro®, or screws needed
  • Hollow base that can be internally weight with sand (sold seperately)
  • Coil springs to resist wind


1 Wind Resistant Sandwich Board (Holder, Coils, Base)
** Sign Inserts not included. Coroplast Inserts sold seperately