Slow Down - Kids Playing Sign 12″x18″ 3mm Aluminum Composite


Keep your kids safe and avoid potential accidents. A properly placed Slow Down - Kids Playing Sign is a great reminder for visitors and tenlants that the private roads of your residential condo, town home or residential area is a shared space meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Drive at reduced speed in common areas where kids may be playing to help increase safety for everyone.

This sign is commonly paired with a speed limit sign to clarify the recommended or mandated car speeds within the common areas.

Durable. Signs are printed on aluminum composite- a durable lightweight material that is ideal for long term outdoor applications.

Reflective. Extra visibility in dark and dim light conditions

Industry leading material. 3M Engineer Grade reflective signs are widely used on public roads, strata parking lots, and building signage. 3M Engineer Grade can last 7 plus years in outdoor conditions.