Sintra PVC Board White 48 in x 96 in x 3mm (1/8") (Full Sheet)


What are common uses of Sintra PVC Board White?

Sintra PVC Board is a rigid plastic sheet that is durable and lightweight. Sintra PVC Board is commonly used for exhibit booth display, birthday event display, wedding event display, wayfinding signs at gyms, menu boards for restaurants, photo mounting, promotional displays at retail stores, or craft and hobby projects. Sintra PVC Board is commonly found at offices, events, coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, or retail stores. 

Sintra PVC Board Specifications

  • Dimensions:  48" x 96"
  • Thickness: 1/8" or 3mm
  • Color: Opaque White
  • Sintra PVC Board can be routed, cut, machined, or bonded
  • Sintra PVC Board can be painted and is suitable for vinyl print application
  • Sintra PVC Board is suitable for interior use

What size is a full sheet of the Sintra PVC Board sheets?

A full size sheet of the Sintra PVC Board is 4' Wide and 8' Long and 1/8" (3mm) thick.

How do I purchase Sintra PVC Board White sheets?

The full sheets of Sintra PVC Board White are available for pick-up only due to its size at our location in  Surrey, BC. 

If you need the Sintra PVC Board cut to a certain dimension or if you have a question please email us at for an estimate.