Sign Standoff for Display Panels

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What are Sign Standoffs for Display Panels?

Sign standoffs are used to safely and cleanly mount display panels onto a wall. The sign standoff helps protrude your display panel from the mounting surface adding an additional layer of dimension. The metal standoffs allow for the elegant installation of signs, glass, mirrors, plexiglass and other rigid material. Fasteners are hidden within the sign standoff making for a professional finish.

Are fasteners visible with the Sign Standoff?

Mounting fasteners are not visible when used with the sign standoff. The sign standoffs hide all fasteners while raising your display panel away from the wall. 

What are the measurement of the Sign Standoff?

The silver standoff measures 1/2" in Diameter and is 1" High. 

How thick of material can be used with Sign Standoff?

The standoffs support rigid materials less than 1/2" thick with use of the two supplied rubber washers. 

What type of materials can be used with the stand off?

Common sign substrates used with the metal standoffs include ACM Panels, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Wood, Sintra and Glass. Most rigid material will work with the standoff as long as a hole can be drilled in the material for the standoff to pass through and secure in place.

What is the Sign Standoff made of?

The sign standoff is made of stainless steel and come with a pair rubber washers. The washers are designed to space the material being mounted and the metal standoff it self.

What is included the sign standoff?

Each sign standoff includes the following components:

  • 1 Stainless steel standoff made of two parts
  • 2 rubber washers
  • 1 screw 
  • 1 wall plug

    What type of wall works with the sign standoff?

    Standoff comes with a screw and standard wall plug for use with most standard walls. If the screw and wall plug do not work with your wall a different fastener maybe required. Please note that the standoff can be used on almost all flat wall types with the appropriate fastener. Consult a professional installer if you are unsure if your wall can support the standoff.

    How are the sign standoffs installed?

    The standoff can be easily installed. The tools you will need to install the standoffs are a power drill, measuring tool, level, hammer and a screw driver.

    1. Confirm your sign material has predrilled holes to accept the standoffs. Drill holes in the sign material as required to accept standoffs.
    2. Disassemble the male and female portion of the standoff. Make sure not to lose any pieces. Dry fit the standoffs to make sure they fit.
    3. Determine where you would like to install the sign material and mark the stand off locations. For an accurate installation make sure to measure and level your work piece
    4. Drill the wall where you would like to secure the standoffs. Place wall plug and hammer into place until flush with wall.
    5. Place the female portion of the standoff covering the wall plug. With a screw driver firmly secure a screw into the standoff and wall plug. Make sure not to over tighten the screw.
    6. Repeat until all standoffs are in place and secured firmly on the wall.
    7. Take the male portion of the standoff and pass it through your sign material making sure rubber washers are in place.
    8. Take your sign material and line up the male portion of the standoff on your sign with the female portions on the wall. Once in place, hand tighten the male portion of the standoff.
    9. Check your installation with a level and fix accordingly.

    There you have it your sign is installed using sign standoffs.