Sign Rider Clips Set of 2


Sign Rider Clips Usage

Sign Rider Clips are used on residential real estate for sale sign posts. Sign Rider Clips attach to the top of the wooden post to make rider swaps quick and simple. 

How to install Sign Rider Clips on a For Sale Sign Post?

1.)  Pre-drill 2 holes at the top arm of the For Sale Sign Post 

2.) Place the clips over the predrilled holes so that the screw can be installed through the riders clips.

3.) Use a screw driver to secure the screws and the clips to the For Sale Sign post arm.

4.) The rider clip will act like a clamp. When you place your For Sale Sign Rider inside, twist the screws to tighten the clips hold on the sign

What thickness of sign material works with the Sign Rider Clips?

The Sign Rider Clips are able to hold a For Sale Sign that is within 6mm thick. 

What are the Sign Rider Clips made out of?

The Sign Rider Clips are made from durable PVC with corrosion resistant thumb screw and nut to secure the sign riders to the post. 

What is included with the Sign Rider Clips?

Each Sign Rider Clip order comes with two rider clips and two white screws.