Sign Rider Clips - Set of 2


Sign Rider Clips - Set of 2

Sign Rider Brackets are specialty brackets used to secure rigid signs perpendicular to any surface. The sign brackets are commonly used by sign professionals to secure realtor sign riders on top of real estate for sale sign posts and other sign frames. Sign Rider Clips are good for indoor and outdoor use.

Sign Rider Clips can be fastened to most flat surfaces. Once secured in place, the PVC sign rider has a built in tension bolt that can be tightened to secure a rigid sign in place.

This allows the rigid sign to be easily installed quickly and simply. The mechanic also allows the same sign to be changed out easily if an update is required.

Sign Rider Clips for Real Estate Posts

Sign rider Brackets are extremely popular for securing rider signs in the real estate industry. You will find the sign rider bracket on top of most for sale sign posts for realtors. The sign rider bracket is specifically designed to hold real estate sign signs in place above sign sale posts.

How to install Sign Rider Clips?

  1. Align your sign rider clips in place
  2. Pre-drill 2 holes at the top arm of the For Sale Sign Post 
  3. Place the clips over the predrilled holes so that the screw can be installed through the riders clips.
  4. Use a screw driver to secure the screws and the clips to the For Sale Sign post arm.
  5. The rider clip will act like a clamp. When you place your For Sale Sign Rider inside, twist the screws to tighten the clips hold on the sign

What thickness of sign material fits in the Sign Rider Clips?

The Sign Rider clips are able to hold a signs up to 6mm thick. Make sure to test the security of your material before leaving it in place.

What are the Sign Rider Clips made out of?

The Sign Rider Clips are made from durable PVC with a corrosion resistant thumb screw and nut to secure the sign to the sign riders.

What is included with the Sign Rider Clips?

Each Sign Rider Clip order comes in a pair. You will receive two sign rider clips and two white screws.