Sign Post Mounting Bracket - Set of 2

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Sign Post Mounting Bracket - Set of 2

Sign Post Mounting Bracket Set is used to attach signs to a 2 3/8" round sign post. Sign Post Mounting Brackets are commonly used to mount traffic signs, informational placards, or business signage to a round sign post.

The 2 3/8" Round Post Sign Mounting Bracket Set allows Property Signs or Business Signs to be easily installed quickly and simply. The durable metal Sign Post Mounting Bracket is reusable allowing signs to be replaced easily if an update is required.

Sign Post Mounting Bracket Set Features

  • Easy to install
  • Includes all hardware required for installation
  • Sign Post Mounting Bracket works for various property sign sizes

Sign Post Mounting Bracket Set Specifications

  • Comes with 2 Sign Post Mounting Brackets, 6 Bolts, 6 Nuts
  • Fits 2 3/8" Round Sign Post
  • Corrosive resistant aluminum ideal for long term outdoor use

How to install Sign Post Mounting Bracket?

  1. Prepare your Property Sign for mounting: Pre-drill holes on Property Sign for installation with Sign Post Mounting Brackets. The fasters are 3/8" round. 
  2. Position the Bracket: Align the Sign Post Mounting Bracket with the desired position for your property sign
  3. Fasten the Sign Post Mounting Brackets to your 2 3/8" round post using the fasteners provided
  4. Attach the sign to the Sign Mounting Bracket using the fasters and bolt provided
  5. Double-check alignment: Confirm that your property sign is straight and properly aligned

What are the Sign Post Mounting Bracket made out of?

The Round Post Sign Mounting Bracket Set is made with durable corrosion resistant aluminum paired with steel nuts and bolts. The tube mount kit is rust-proof and weather resistant.

What is included with the Tube Post Mounting Bracket?

The round Sign Post Mounting Bracket set comes with materials to mount 1 sign to a round post

  • 2 Sign Post Mounting Brackets
  • 6 Bolts
  • 6 Nuts

What size sign can you install with the Sign Post Mounting Bracket Set?

The Sign Post Mounting Bracket can securely fasten a variety of property sign sizes to a 2 3/8" diameter round post. The most popular property sign size used with the mounting bracket is 12" x 18".