Retractable Banner Vancouver 33"x77"


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Retractable Banner Usage

Retractable Banners are great for marketing your brand, product, and services at an event, trade show, or exhibition. Retractable Banners are popular for their portability as they can easily be rolled out to attract attention of potential clients and easily tucked away for storage and transportation. Retractable Banners are suitable for indoor applications or outdoors under low stress conditions.

What is a Retractable Banner

The Retractable Banner has a visible graphic area of 33" Wide x 77"High. During transport it can be compacted and is about 4"x4"x34".

What is the Retractable Banner Print Material

The Retractable Banner is printed on high quality ultra smooth 12 oz. polyethylene banner. The Retractable Banner has a block-out scrim layer to ensure opacity of your display and suitable for close up viewing. The banner material has a unique low curl formula and lay-flat appearance. 

The banner is retracted into an aluminum base with a narrow support bar to keep the Retractable Banner form rolling back up into the base. 

How do I set-up my Retractable Banner file for print?

The Retractable Banner insert requires a 1/2″ bleed from the top, 2″ bleed at the bottom, and 10″ extra material at the bottom for hardware mounting. Your file size should be 33″W x 89.5″H. Please scroll through the media to find the layout drawn out. 

Where is the Retractable Banner Printed?

The Retractable Banner is printed in our print shop located in Surrey, BC