Number Stickers - Outdoor Number Vinyl Decals - Set of Numbers 0-9


What are Numbers Stickers?

The vinyl number sticker are great for identifying and marking items that would be useful to have numbered. Number stickers can be used indoors and outdoors to label aisles, electrical boxes, buildings and fleet vehicles.

Outdoor Number Stickers?

Our vinyl labels are made from commercial grade vinyl sticker. The number sticker are weeded and masked for easy application. Each vinyl number sticker order will come with a set of numbers from 0 to 9. The vinyl number sticker are available in two sizes: 4" high number sticker or 6" high number sticker.

What Fonts are available for the Vinyl Number Decals?

Our Number decals are available in three font options:

  1. Helvetica
  2. Helvetica Bold
  3. Helvetica Italic.

What are Vinyl Sticker Numbers used for?

Vinyl number sticker are versatile and have a wide range of uses. Many of our customers use the Number stickers for aisle marker, mailbox, grocery store wayfinding sign, warehouse aisle marker, to label office doors, doctor office examination rooms, and veterinary examination rooms. 

Vinyl Sticker Numbers Product Details:

• Vinyl Decals are easy to install
• Vinyl number sticker is made from pressure sensitive sign vinyl film
• Vinyl material is rated for 5 years outdoors and indoors
• Vinyl number sticker are removable 
• Vinyl number sticker are recommended to be used on flat surfaces - aisle number marker, room number, aisle number marker on wayfinding signs at grocery stores, mailbox number sign

What colors do the Vinyl Stickers Number come in?

Vinyl Decals are available in the following colors:

• Gloss Silver
• Matte black
• Matte white
• Red

What is the size of the Vinyl Sticker Numbers?

Popular vinyl number sticker sizes are 4" high and 6" high. These sizes are ideal for most commercial applications. 4" and 6" Number Stickers are large enough to be visible and legible to most patrons. 

How are the Vinyl Sticker Numbers applied and installed?

Before you get started with installing your vinyl number sticker you will want to have a few things hardy: A hard card (credit card works well), Masking Tape, Utility Knife

1. Prep the surface where your vinyl number decal will be installed. Make sure to Clean the surface and free of dirt and dust. You do not want dust or dirt to be stuck behind your decal.
2. Peel back a section of the transfer paper (top piece). The vinyl number sticker should come off with it.
3. Fold back the release liner and align the number sticker where you want the decal positioned.
4. Once the number sticker is in place release the rest of the liner.
5. Using a credit card apply even and firm pressure on the mask. Make sure to work outwards in one direction to push the air bubbles out
6. Very slowly & gently peel off the transfer paper leaving your vinyl number sticker behind.