Large Now Open Hanging Vinyl Banner 24" x 96" Pre Designed


Large "Now Open" Hanging Vinyl Banner

Pre designed large "Now Open" Hanging Vinyl Banners. Outdoor Vinyl banner designed to be used for new store openings and reopening's after construction/renovations. Bold Red text on white background saying "NOW OPEN" will help attract customers and let them know you're open for business. 

What size is the "Now Open" Hanging Vinyl Banner?

The "Now Open" hanging banner is large and measures 24"H x 96"W. Banner can be rolled up for transportation. If you need a different sized "Now Open" banner please email us at

How do I Hang the "Now Open" Hanging Vinyl Banner?

For extended durability the hanging Vinyl Banner has hemmed edge and grommets around the parameter for hanging and fastening.

What color is the Vinyl Banner?

The banner is printed using latex ink. The text for "Now Open will be RED and the banner is white.