No Food or Beverage Sign 18"x12" 4mm Coroplast


No Food or Beverage Sign Usage

No Food or Beverage Sign is used to notify staff, subcontractors, or visitors to the construction site that no food or beverage is allowed in a specified area at a construction site, retail business, or warehouse.

Where to install the No Food or Beverage Sign

The No Food or Beverage Sign can be installed on a fence using zap straps, attached to a wall with double sided adhesive, or attached to a pole in the area where no food or beverage is allowed.

No Food or Beverage Sign Features

Some of the key features that make the No Food or Beverage Sign ideal for Construction Site, Warehouses, or Retail Businesses are

Durable: No Food or Beverage Signs are printed on coroplast- a lightweight material that is ideal for indoor or short-term outdoor applications. It is one of the most widely used material in the industry.

High Quality Print: No Food or Beverage Sign is printed on vinyl using latex print technology and then applied to coroplast. 

Longevity: No Food or Beverage Sign is waterproof, weather resistant, and stain resistant.

Where is the No Food or Beverage Sign made?

The No Food or Beverage Sign is made in Canada at our sign shop located in Surrey, B.C.