Large Vinyl Poster Sign 24"x36"

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Large Vinyl Poster Sign

Large vinyl poster signs can be applied to windows and walls. A well designed large vinyl poster sign will help grab the attention of pedestrians and cars. Large posters are common to display specials, services and promotions on glass and walls.

Where can I install a vinyl poster sign?

Vinyl poster signs can be installed onto most smooth surfaces. Glass and windows are the most common as the vinyl poster can be removed without damaging glass. If you plan to install large vinyl poster signs temporarily on other surfaces it's not recommended if its painted. Large vinyl poster signs may take some paint with when removed.

What side of the glass do I install my Vinyl Poster Sign?

Our Large Vinyl Poster Signs are printed first surface meaning the adhesive is on the back side. You would apply the large vinyl sticker onto the surface like a sticker with the side you want visible on the outside.

How long do Vinyl Poster Signs last?

Most people utilize Large Vinyl poster signs for temporary marketing on glass and windows. If installed correctly the vinyl poster sign could last up to a year.

How do you remove a Vinyl Poster Sign?

Applying heat to the vinyl poster will cause the adhesive to release. Please consult a professional if you are trying to remove it off surfaces other than glass.

What sizes do Vinyl Poster Signs come in?

Our Vinyl Poster Signs come in 24"x36". Large vinyl posters can be installed in portrait or landscape depending on your graphics.  For custom sizes please email

Large Glass Vinyl Poster Sign PDF File Guide

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