Hanging Sneeze Guard 48"x30" Clear Plexiglas® Acrylic Shield

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Hanging Sneeze Guard 48" x 30" Clear Plexiglas® Acrylic Shield

Hanging Acrylic Sneeze Guards add a physical layer of protection for your employees and customers. Our 48"x30" plexiglass barrier is the largest size of the three standard Hanging Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guard sizes. The acrylic barrier can be used in many applications. The acrylic barrier can be suspended slightly higher to create a pass through along the bottom. 

How Does the Hanging Acrylic Shield Suspend?

The hanging acrylic shield has two pre-drilled holes along the top for hanging. The two holes in the acrylic shield support the use of chains, cables hooks or wire for hanging. Hanging implements are sold separately.

Each of the 4 corners of the plexiglass barrier is rounded.

Hanging Plexiglas® Acrylic Shield Details

As the times are changing you will find acrylic shield products at retail shops, banks, offices, grocery stores, and reception desks. 

Acrylic Features

  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Rounded corners
  • Pre-drilled holes for optimal hanging
  • Other sizes available
  • Made in Canada

      *Hanging assembly not included

      ** All Sneeze Guards are final sale