Vancouver Gym Wipes

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Vancouver Gym Wipes

Vancouver Gym Wipes are specifically designed to provide a thorough clean for various gym equipment, including weight machines, cardio machines, and yoga mats. The fitness equipment wipes are versatile and can be used for wiping down benches, lockers, and other commonly touched surfaces in the gym.

These Vancouver gym wipes are a must have for any fitness facility including gyms, yoga studio, martial arts studio and spin studio.

How to dispense Vancouver Gym Wipes Refill?

To streamline the cleaning process, Gym Wipes Refill are commonly paired with our Gym Wipe Floor Standing Dispenser or wall mounted Gym Wipe dispenser. These fixtures ensures your Gym Wipes are readily available for your members . The wipe dispenser's are designed for quick and easy access of the gym wipes.

Our gym wipes will work with most standard gym wipe dispensers on the market. If you have questions please email us at

What businesses commonly use Gym Wipes?

Aside from Gyms, the antibacterial wipes are popular at yoga studios, sports clubs, physical therapy clinic, hotels, corporate wellness centers, spin studios, yoga studios and healthcare clinics.

Features of Gym Wipes Refill

  • Kills Bacteria
  • Gentle on surfaces while still providing a thorough clean
  • Versatile - can be used on different gym equipment surfaces
  • Convenient
  • Durable

Specification of Gym Wipes Refill

  • 1500 pieces of wipes per Gym Wipe roll
  • Active ingredient: Decyl Glucoside