Gate ID Number Signs 18"x12" 4mm Coroplast


Gate ID Number Sign Usage

Gate ID Number Signs are used on construction sites to label and identify gate numbers. Properly identified Gates will help employees, subcontractors, and visitors navigate the job site. When gates look similar, Gate ID Number Signs  are a must have sign type.

Where to install the Gate ID Number Sign

The Gate ID Number Sign can be installed on a fence using zap straps, fastened to the gate or attached to a pole by the gate. Multiple Gate signs can be used to mark the location of hard to find gates.

Gate ID Number Sign Features

Some of the key features that make the Gate ID Number Sign ideal for Construction Site are

Durable: Gate ID Number Signs are printed on coroplast- a lightweight material that is ideal for indoor or short-term outdoor applications. It is one of the most widely used material in the industry.

High Quality Print: The Gate ID Number Sign is printed on vinyl using latex print technology and then applied to coroplast. 

Longevity: The Gate ID Number Sign is waterproof, weather resistant, and stain resistant.

Where are the Gate ID Number Signs made?

The Gate ID Number Signs are made in Canada at our sign shop located in Surrey, B.C.

Custom Gate Names

When ordering your gate ID sign make sure to select the correct gate ID text. To keep things simple we've provide pre designed Gate Sign options for popular gate naming conventions. 

Please email us if you require a Custom Gate sign at