Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal 7.3"H x 24.8"W


Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal 7.3"H x 24.8"W

Your electrical room door needs to be identified for safety. In some areas it's even part of the local bylaw and building codes. Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal clearly identifies your Electrical room.

What color does the Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal come in?

The Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal  is cut out of industry leading 3M Matte Black Vinyl. 

What size is the Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal ?

The Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal  is 7.3"Hx24.8"W

What vinyl are the Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal made with?

The Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal is made with high quality calendar vinyl that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The vinyl is easy to apply and have a strong adhesion for long term use.

How long does it take to get my Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal ?

Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal are made in Canada and usually ready for pick-up within 1 business day. For orders that select shipping, the Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal shipping time is an additional 2 to 4 business days depending on where in Canada you are ordering the Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal from. 

Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal Product Information

  • Pre-spaced Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal  installs easily in minutes
  • Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal are made from pressure sensitive sign vinyl film
  • Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal are rated to last for a minimum of 5 years outdoor
  • Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal are removable, but not reusable

How are the Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal applied and installed?

Before you get started with installing your Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal you will want to have a few things hardy: A hard card (credit card works well), Masking Tape, Utility Knife

  1. Prep the surface where your Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal will be installed. Make sure to Clean the surface and free of dirt and dust. You do not want dust or dirt to be stuck behind your decal.
    2. Peel back a section of the transfer paper (top piece). The Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal should come off with it.
    3. Fold back the release liner and align the Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal where you want the decal positioned.
    4. Once the Electrical Room Vinyl Door Decal is in place release the rest of the liner.
    5. Using a credit card apply even and firm pressure on the mask. Make sure to work outwards in one direction to push the air bubbles out
    6. Very slowly & gently peel off the transfer paper leaving your Electrical Room  Vinyl Door Decal behind.