Do Not Visit If Unwell Safety Sign - 12" W x18" H Coroplast Sign


Health and Safety Signs: Do Not Visit if Unwell

Do Not Visit if Unwell Sign is commonly used at the entrance of  a business to ensure clients or staff who feel unwell are not entering the facility. Do not enter if unwell has be come a require for many health regions.

How to install the Do Not Visit if Unwell Sign?

The Health and Safety Signs are easily installed with use of tape, double sided adhesives, zap straps or propped on a stand.

Where to place the Do Not Visit if Unwell Sign?

The Do Not Visit if Unwell Sign can be zap strapped onto a fence at construction sites or in front of entrance ways.

Do Not Visit if Unwell Features

The signs are made of coroplast, a corrugated plastic, allowing the signs to withstand moisture and weathering. The signs are great for both indoor and out door use.

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Printed using a UV Jet Printer- will resist fading
  • Made in Canada