Customer Parking Sign Aluminum Composite 12”x18”x 3mm


Customer Parking Sign Usage

Customer Parking Signs are commonly found at commercial business centers, parking garages, and offices. The Customer Parking Sign designates parking areas for your customers who visit your business.

Where to install the Customer Parking Sign

Customer Parking Sign can be installed onto a post, fence, or wall at a business center, parking lot, parking garages, and office buildings.

What colors do the Customer Parking Sign come in?

Our Customer Parking Signs come in a variety of colors to match your property and to stand out from other signage in the area. Our standard colors include:

  1. Red print on Reflective vinyl
  2. Black print on Reflective vinyl
  3. Green print on Reflective vinyl

Customer Parking Sign Features

Some of the key features that make the Customer Parking Signs versatile for many applications include:

Durable: Customer Parking Signs are printed on aluminum composite (ACM). The Customer Parking sign is a durable lightweight regulatory sign that is ideal for long term outdoor and indoor parking lots, driveways, and roadways.

Reflective: The Customer Parking Signs are printed on reflective vinyl adding extra visibility in dark and dim light conditions

Industry leading material: The Customer Parking Sign is made from 3M Engineer Grade reflective vinyl. This vinyl material is widely used on public roads, strata parking lots, and building signage. 

Where is the Customer Parking Sign made

The Customer Parking Sign is made in Canada at our sign shop located in Surrey, BC.