Custom Print Coroplast Signs


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Custom Print Coroplast Signs

Custom Print Coroplast Signs are versatile, economical, and highly favored for marketing purposes. Coroplast Poster Sign Prints are used for real estate listings, to display event details, billboards, trade show display, retail displays, and window advertisements.

What size is the Coroplast Poster Sign Print?

The 4mm Coroplast Sign Print comes in the common sizes below and can be single-sided print or double-sided print:

- 12" x 18"

- 18" x 24"

- 24" x 24"

- 24" x 30"

- 24" x 36"

How do I display my Custom Print Coroplast Poster Sign?

Custom Print Coroplast Sign can be found suspended on ceilings, window displays and also in your sandwich board signs. 

Custom Print Coroplast Signs Features

- Full color print: delivers sharp, eye-catching visuals to capture attention

- Lightweight and easy to install

- Durable: popular for indoor and outdoor use

Custom Print Coroplast Signs Specifications

- Material: 4mm Coroplast

- Available in single-sided and double-sided print options

How do I share my Design File for my Custom Coroplast Sign?

Upload your file with your order or email your file to

Printed Coroplast Poster Sign PDF File Guide

To ensure your Coroplast Poster Sign design file is print ready please review our recommendations by clicking here