Custom Danger Sign


How to order your Custom Danger Sign?

  1. Choose the Material
  2. Choose your Size
  3. Enter your wording in the Custom Text field
  4. Enter the Quantity required
  5. Add to Cart and Check out

Why should you use a Custom Danger Sign?

Clearly communicate your safety message exactly as intended. Create a Custom Danger Sign to alert employees and visitors of potential hazards in the workplace by personalizing it with your own wording. 

Why select a Coroplast Custom Danger Sign?

  • Perfect for short-term use at construction sites and temporary work site locations
  • Cost effective solution.
  • Durable 4mm coroplast material to withstand any weather condition
  • Flexible mounting options to fit any space - hang it, or double-side tape it on a wall

Why select an Advesive Vinyl Custom Danger Sign?

  • Utilize any flat surface to its full potential with this cost-effective, full colour printing solution
  • Easy to Apply
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, as it is completely weather proof and can withstand the elements
  • Great for doors, walls, windows and more - make sure your safety message is seen

Why select an Aluminum Composite Custom Danger Sign?

  • Enjoy the flexibility to use your product either indoors or outdoors with its water-resistant material
  • Built to last with heavy-duty materials that are designed for maximum durability
  • Full colour print for a vibrant and eye-catching to ensure your message is seen
  • Easily drill holes in the material for easy mounting and installation

Where are the Custom Danger Signs made?

All our Safety and Custom Signs are made in Surrey, Canada