HD White Coroplast Sheets 48 x 96 in x 10mm (Full Sheet) - White

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What are Corrugated Plastic Coroplast Sheets?

Coroplast 10mm is the trade name of corrugated plastic sheets. The 10mm corrugated plastic sheet is popular as a rigid building supply and as a sign material. 10mm Coroplast sheets are weather resistant, light weight and straight forward to work with. Coroplast sheets 10mm thick are made of a fluted polypropylene plastic sheet found in many applications. The 10mm coroplast sheet is thicker and have larger flutes than the 4mm coroplast.

What are common uses of 10mm Corrugated Coroplast Plastic Sheets?

The 10mm corrugated plastic is ideal for interior and exterior applications. Coroplast corrugated plastic sheets are versatile a used for for some purposes identified below.

10mm Coroplast Uses :

  • indoor signs, outdoor signs
  • backing materials for paintings
  • backing materials for framing
  • packaging
  • screen printing
  • covering plastic models
  • event displays

How can 10mm Coroplast Sheets be shaped?

A key advantages of 10mm coroplast sheet is that it is thicker. The fluted plastic is easy to work with, and can be cut to size with a utility knife. Coroplast can be cut in many ways including: routed, die cut, scored and hand cut with a utility knife..

How do I purchase 10mm Coroplast Sheets?

The full sheets of 10mm coroplast corrugated plastic (4'x8') is available for pick-up only. Due to the size of the sheets we recommend transporting them in a truck or van. Our pick up location for coroplast sheets is in Surrey, BC.

I am looking for Coroplast Sheets in Greater Vancouver. How do I buy coroplast from BC retail Supplies?

Place your order online for your white 10mm coroplast sheets. Once your order has been placed, a BC Retail Supplies customer service rep will get in touch to arrange for pick up in Surrey, BC.

What size is a full sheet of 10mm Coroplast corrugated plastic?

A full size sheet of 10mm coroplast corrugated plastic is 4' Wide and 8' Long and as the name implies, 10mm thick. The plastic sheets are light weight, weighting at approximately 10lbs.

What Color do your Coroplast sheets come in?

We currently stock white coroplast sheets that are 10mm thick.