Construction Fence Mesh Banner 60”H x 120”W

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Construction Fence Mesh Banner 60”H x 120”W

Construction Fence Mesh Banner aka Construction Windscreens are an exceptional marketing tool for your construction project in Metro Vancouver. The high quality perforated banners are designed to be installed on permanent fences, temporary construction fences, chain link fences, and gates.

Construction Fence Mesh Banner are ideal for outdoors use on a construction jobsite where wind can be a concern. The mesh banner material is perforated allowing air to pass through. Market your up coming event, construction project, property for sale, or property development with a custom Construction Site Fence Wrap Mesh Banner.

Our standard construction fence mesh banners are 60"H x 120"W.

Construction Fence Mesh Banner Specifications

Our construction fence mesh banners are printed using durable lightweight mesh material and designed for windy areas. The mesh weave minimizes wind resistance and allows air to pass through the banner material. Construction Fence Mesh Banner:

  • fit most standard construction fences at 60"H x 120"W.
  • light weight and durable
  • weighs approximately 2lb
  • Air Floating Rate is rated at 3:7 
  • used indoor or outdoor 
  • comes hemmed and grommet every 24" for easy installation
  • can be installed with fasteners or zap straps
  • water-resistant and will not smudge

How are Construction Fence Mesh Banners made?

The your Construction Fence Banner design is printed on a blank roll of mesh banner material using the latest latex ink print technology. The Construction Fence Banner is then cut to size, hemmed, and grommeted every 24".  Once completed your construction fence mesh banner goes through quality control and is rolled up for shipping or pick up.

Why are Construction Fence Mesh Banners Hemmed and Grommet?

The construction windscreen come standard with hemmed edges to prevent the banner from fraying in the west coast weather. Metal grommets along the perimeter of the construction windscreen for hanging and fasteners help strengthen the banner. The grommets prevent fasteners and hangers from damaging your banner. The construction windscreen are constructed to withstand Vancouver weathering.

How do you Install Construction Fence Mesh Banners?

Construction Fence Mesh Banners are light weight and easy to install.

  1. First determine your sign banner placement.
  2. Once the sign banner is in place use zap straps or fasteners through the grommets to hold it in place.
  3. Continue along the perimeter of your mesh banner. It's recommend to have all grommets on the perimeter of your mesh fence banner secured to the construction fence. 

How to Submit a Construction Fence Mesh Banner order?

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  4. A team member will be in touch to confirm the file provided
  5. Once confirmed your Mesh Fence Banners will go into production
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