4'x8' Coroplast Commercial Printed Sign


Coroplast commercial printed sign

Signage for commercial real estate plays an important role in establishing your brand and connecting with potential clients. A coroplast commercial printed sign displays property specific details to spark interests of buyers, investors, and tenants along with your contact information to schedule a property viewing. 

How are commercial real estate signs printed?

Commercial real estate signs are printed on vinyl using a latex printing technology and applied to coroplast, aluminum composite panel, or plywood. Coroplast is the most popular sign media for commercial real estate signs. 

Why is coroplast popular for commercial real estate signs?

Coroplast is the most popular media for commercial real estate sign print as it is durable and affordable. A coroplast commercial real estate sign can last upto 1 year before it begins to warp and discolor however the lifespan depends on the condition the commercial real estate sign is subjected to. Your coroplast commercial real estate for sale sign can be laminated to prolong the lifespan and add an extra layer of protection to your sign print.

How should I design a property development sign and rezoning sign?

Property development signs and rezoning signs follow a specific requirement regarding the information required and placement guidelines of the commercial real estate sign. The guidelines are set by the governing municipality in each Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. The template is provided by the City once the review process is underway with the city planners.

What should I include in the design for a For Sale sign or a For Lease sign?

Your commercial for sale sign and for lease sign is the first impression for potential buyers, so make it a great one! The design for your commercial sign should be concise and consistent. Too much information can be distracting and overwhelming for readers so keep it simple and direct. Use a maximum of 2 type faces, use colors and imagery that are consistent with your brand, so it is easily recognizable and easily remembered.

Please submit your print ready design to info@bcretailsupplies.com referencing your order number.