Clear Air-conditioner window insert


Clear Acrylic Clear Air-conditioner Window Insert

Summer's here in full swing. As the weather gets warmer you might find yourself purchasing a portable air conditioning unit to learn the A/C vent adapter does not fit your window. The A/C Vent adapter might be too large or small or simply not stay in place.

Good news is we can help you create a customize a A/C window insert that fits your window size and A/C adapter.

How to get a Custom AC Adapter

The process of getting a Custom Air Conditioning Adapter is quite straight forward and outlined below:

  1. Window Measurements

    Obtain the measurements of your window the A/C adapter will attach to. You can take this task on directly or hire a local handyman. We currently do not do service calls or installation of Custom A/C adapters.

  2. Pictures of the window

    Take a few pictures of the window where the AC adapter will fit.

  3. Measure Size of Adapter

    If you're confident of your measurements you can provide the size of the AC Adapter or bring in the attachment piece. 

  4. Drop off the AC adapter attachment and email the pictures and measurements over

Price of Custom AC Adapter

Prices may vary depending on materials required and time to make the custom AC Adapter. You will be provided a quote to approve prior to production.

How to attach Custom AC Adapter to window?

What Color is the Custom AC Adapter?

All Custom AC Adapters are made with clear acrylic sheets.