Boat Registration Number Decals - Standard Colours - (Set of Two) 4" High (10.16cm)

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Custom Boat Registration Number Decal

Custom boat registration number decals are required to be displayed on your boat to maintain your boat licensing and registration. This requirement is valid for your pleasure crafts and boats that have an engine over ten horsepower and is not used for commercial purposes. Your boat registration number decals must be clearly visible on your boat on both sides.

After completing your boat registration you will be assigned a unique boat license number. The boat registration number must be displayed on your vessel in accordance to Transport Canada. It's vital to have vinyl boat decals installed and to complete the necessary paper work to license your boat vessel. If your pleasure craft and boat fall into this category make sure to have visible boat registration number decals to avoid fines and licensing complications. 

What are the requirements of Boat Registration Number Decals Need?

For visibility, boat decal must be at least 4 inches (10.16 cm) tall and in block lettering. Your boat registration number decals should be visible from a far and made using a colour which contrasts your boat colour. We produce boat decal with durable and high quality vinyl so they continue to look great over time.

Where should my Boat Registration Decals be Installed?

Your Boat Registry decals should be installed on both sides of the hull of your boat. The boat decal should be visible at all times and installed above the boat's waterline. Position your Boat Registry Decal correctly to avoid being unnecessarily stopped. 

Where are the Boat Registration Decals Made?

Boat Registration Decals are locally made in Surrey, BC. BC Retail Supplies produces number decals for all of greater Vancouver and the lower mainland including: White Rock, Langley, Delta, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam, Richmond, and Vancouver. Our boat registration decals can be shipped across Canada.

Make sure to confirm your provincial and/or local boat registry decals requirements.

What vinyl are the Boat Number Decals Made with?

Boat Registration Number Decals are made from high quality 3M vinyl. The 3m vinyl used for our boat number decals are designed to withstand day to day boating conditions.

How long does it take to get my Custom Boat Decals?

Local Pickup

Custom Boat Registration Decals are made in Surrey and ready for pick up within 1-2 business day from ordering.


For orders that select shipping, custom boat registration decals shipping time is an additional 2 to 4 days depending on where in Canada you may be ordering your boat decals from.

Boat Registration Decals Product Information:

• Boat Registrar Decals come in a set of two
• P
re-spaced boat lettering installs easily in minutes
• Made from pressure sensitive sign vinyl film
• Number decals are rated for 5 years outdoor durability 
• Boat decals are removable, but not reusable
• Standard Colors: Black and White. Additional Colors available.

How are the Boat Registration Decals applied and installed?

Before you get started with installing your Boat Decal you will want to have a few things hardy: A hard card (credit card works well), Masking Tape, Utility Knife

  1. Prep the surface where your boat decal will be installed. Make sure to Clean the surface and free of dirt and dust. You do not want dust or dirt to be stuck behind your decal.
  2. Peel back a section of the transfer paper (top piece). The boat decal should come off with it.
  3. Fold back the release liner and align the Boat Decal where you want the decal positioned.
  4. Once the boat decal is in place release the rest of the liner.
  5. Using a credit card apply even and firm pressure on the mask. Make sure to work outwards in one direction to push the air bubbles out
  6. Very slowly & gently peel off the transfer paper leaving your Boat Decal behind.