ACM Sheet (Cut to Size) 3mm (1/8")


What is ACM Sheet (Cut to Size)?

ACM Sheets Cut to Size, with a thickness of 3mm (1/8"), offer a versatile solution for art and craft projects and retail displays. These sheets are specifically crafted in the most popular sizes to cater to your project needs. ACM Sheets Cut to Size are designed to be more coinvent to handle and ship. 

Pre cut ACM sheets are ready to use for different size CNC and Laser tables.

What are common uses of ACM Sheet Cut to Size?

ACM Sheet Cut to Size are excellent for indoor and outdoor projects. The ACM Sheet Cut to Size are designed for makers. The plastic sheet is clear, ready for fabrication and can be loaded into CNC and laser machines. Pre cut sheet can be used for:

  • ACM Retail Displays
  • ACM DIY craft projects
  • ACM DIY hobby projects
  • ACM Air Conditioner Adapter
  • ACM green house
  • ACM signs 
  • ACM table tops 

What cut to size option are available for the ACM Sheet 1/8" (3mm)?

ACM Sheet are stocked in the below standard sizes, if you don't see what you're looking for please contact us at for a custom ACM Sheet quote:

  • ACM Sheet Cut to Size 8"x10"
  • ACM Sheet Cut to Size 12"x12"
  • ** ACM Sheet Cut to Size 12"x24" ** Our Most Popular size
  • ACM Sheet Cut to Size 24"x36"
  • ACM Sheet Cut to Size 24"x48"

Can I purchase a full sheet 48"x96"of the ACM Sheet?

We carry full 48" x 96 ACM in two thicknesses: 1/8" (3mm).