Sign Installation & Acrylic Shield Assembly FAQ

How do I install my property signs?

To install your property sign we recommend using double-sided 3M VHB tape, silicon glue or mechanical fasteners (screws or bolts).

How do I install a property sign using double-sided 3M VHB tape?

Apply the double-sided 3M VHB foam tape along the edges of the property sign and few strips in the center. Line up your property sign where you would like it to be installed. Make sure to clean the bonding surface where the sign will be installed to remove dust and debris. Proceed to apply the bottom edge of property the sign to the wall first and then firmly press down the rest of the property sign to the wall. The double sided tape will hold the property sign in place almost instantly however will take time to reach full strength.

How do I install a property sign using Silicon glue?

Silicon glue will form a strong bond to surfaces that double side tape will not stick to. The challenge with silicon glue is having the sign held in place while the silicon glue sets. To achieve this tape or temporary fasteners can be used to hold the sign in place.

How do I Install a property sign using fasteners?

Depending on the wall or location of the property sign. Mechanical fasteners can be used. These can be screws or bolts. Pre drill a hole in your property sign if one is not already present. The mechanical fastener will pass through this hole and anchor to the substrate or surface behind it to secure the sign in place.  

How do I hang the Hanging Acrylic Sneeze Guard?

The Hanging Acrylic Sneeze Guards have two predrilled holes on the top used as hanging points. You will want to insure that the structure you are hanging from is sturdy. We provide hooks for simple installations however for more complex installations which require anchoring cabling we recommend going to your local hardware store to obtain supplies. Our installation professionals are here to help on those more complex installations.

Do Countertop Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Standing Acrylic Barriers Require professional installation?

Our Counter top Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Standing Acrylic Barriers are simple to assemble and generally do not require professional installation services. That said for larger or multi location setups we have lent a hand and provided installation services. Let us know if you need a hand with installation, we are here to help.

Does BC Retail Supplies Offer Installation Services? 

BC Retail Supplies offers installation services. Our professional installation teams service the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley. We Service White Rock, Langley, Delta, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Richmond, and Vancouver.

Contact us at or by phone at 604-372-0235 for more information about our installation services.