Custom Wide Format Sign Prints FAQ

I would like to get a Sign Printed. What is a Wide Format Print Ready PDF?

Please click here for more information regarding our Print Ready Pdf File recommendation and requirements.

How do I send BC Retail Supplies my graphic design file to be printed and made into a sign?

For Custom Wide Format Commercial Prints:

  1. Start by placing an order for your custom Wide Format Signs.
  2. Review the Print Ready PDF file requirements and recommendations to insure your custom print file is set up as recommended for print production.
  3. Make updates as required to your Custom Print Sign PDF file.
  4. After you have successfully submitted your order for your custom sign product, Email your print ready pdf file to with the subject line “Custom Sign Print Ready PDF (order#)".
  5. A team member than will be in touch to verify your custom print file when it goes into production

I would like a custom Property Sign. How do I purchase a custom Property Sign?

If your looking for a custom property sign, contact us by email at or call us at  604-372-0235 for a custom sign quote inquiry and to go over your property sign requirements.

I placed an order for a custom designed sign, can I change the file after I have emailed it?

Once the production of your custom printed sign product has started the custom print design cannot be changed. You will need to resubmit a new order for your custom sign printed product. All custom sign print orders are final sale.

I can’t find the custom sign product that I’m looking for?

Please send an email to for any custom quote inquiries.

I received my custom designed sign product, why is the print blurry on my custom sign product?

There may be a few factors that result in a blurry printed sign:

  • Low resolution images were used to design your custom design sign. Ensure your artwork or logo is a vector image and/or converted to curves.
  • If the file for your custom sign product was designed on an artboard that is smaller than the desired final print size the printer will automatically enlarge the artwork and the resolution may be affected.

We recommend that clients review our Print Ready PDF file requirements before submitting their documents for custom print.

Why is the color in my final sign print product different then in the print file provided?

We recommend designing your custom print file in CMYK mode or converting from RGB to CMYK before submitting your file for print to ensure the most accurate color results. Submitting your custom sign design file in RGB mode may have unexpected color results. We do not guarantee color match so it is recommended to have a tester printed first for larger orders.

Where are the grommets placed on the realtor signs?

3 grommets are placed on the realtor sign. 2 grommets are placed 1.5” from the top and 4” from the right/left and third grommet is placed 1.5” from the left and 3⁄4 way from the top of the sign.

What color are the grommets on my realtor sign and  custom banner?

The grommets are silver on your realtor sign and custom banner.