Acrylic Sign Holder 8.5"x 11"


Acrylic Sign Holder Specifications

  • Quick to change out graphics - slide your paper in and out from the sides
  • Fits standard paper size 8.5"Wx11"H
  • Acrylic Sign Holder is easy to clean without damaging your graphic
  • Acrylic Sign Holder protects your graphic from stains and tears 
  • The clear acrylic works well with all décor 
  • Acrylic Sign Holder is light weight and durable
  • Acrylic Sign Holder is made with 1/8" thick clear acrylic

Acrylic Sign Holder

The Table Top Sign Holder Clear Acrylic holds literature and can display promotions, ads, announcements, business information, and product information. The Acrylic Table Top Sign Holder protects your information from scratches, stains, and tears. 

Where can I use the Acrylic Sign Holder?

The Acrylic Sign Holder is multipurpose, you can use the Acrylic Sign Holder for:

  1. Trade shows
  2. Events
  3. Retail store displays
  4. Offices
  5. Gyms
  6. Bars and restaurants 

What can I use the Acrylic Sign Holder for?

The Acrylic Table Top Sign Holder can be placed at retail checkouts to display retail store promotions, ads, business announcements, production information and business information.

How to use the Acrylic Sign Holder 

The Acrylic Sign Holder fits standard letter size paper 8.5"Wx11"H. The sign holder is loadable from the side. 

Where is the Acrylic Table Top Sign Holder made?

The Acrylic Table Top Sign Holder is made in Surrey, B.C.