Alumium Compiste Panel Sheet(ACM/ACP) 4' x 8' x 1/8" (3mm) (Full Sheet)


What is an Alumium Compiste Panel Sheet(ACM/ACP)?

Alumium Compiste Panel Material (ACM/ACP) is an engineered sheet made of two peices of alumium sandwiching a plastic core. Its also commonly known as alumium composite panel or alumium composite material. ACM and ACP are weather resistant, durable and light weight.   

What are common uses of Alumium Compiste Panel Sheet (ACM/ACP)?

Alumium Compiste Panel Material (ACM/ACP) are excellent for indoor and outdoor applications. The egineered sheet materials is commonly used for road signs, siding, clading and covering.

What color is the Alumium Composit Panel?

The ACM Panel is gloss white on one side and matte white on the other.

How can Alumium Compiste Panel Sheet (ACM/ACP) be cut?

Alumium Compiste Panel Material (ACM/ACP) can be cut with most saws and is easy to work with. It can be drilled and fastened like most sheet material.

How do I purchase Alumium Composite Panel sheets?

We provide pre-cut Alumium composite sheets which are small enough to ship across Canada. The full sheets of aluminum composite sheets are available for pick-up only due to its size at our location in  Surrey, BC.

What size is a full sheet of Alumium Composite Panel sheets?

A full size sheet of alumium composite is 4' Wide and 8' Long and 1/8" (3mm) thick.