Power Washing Lawn Signs 4mm Coroplast


Power Washing Lawn Signs

Our Power Washing Lawn Signs are inexpensive and effective marketing signs for companies that offer power washing. The Power Washing Lawn Signs pre designed and are made of coroplast. Power Washing Lawn Signs can be used for multiple application.

How are Power Washing Lawn Signs Installed?

Power Washing Lawn Signs can be installed with H-stake into the lawn, fastened to to poles, zap strapped to fences and anchored to walls. use as a regular sign for whatever you are selling.

 The Power Washing Lawn Signs can be easily installed with a H-stake that is easily push into the ground. The signs are easy to remove and can be reused multiple times. They are weather resistant and great for outdoor use.

What is included with my Power Washing Lawn Signs? 

  • Power Washing Lawn Sign includes H-stake for installation. H-stakes are easy to push into soiled or grass grounds.

Power Washing Lawn Signs Feature:

Durable: Power Washing Lawn Signs are printed on coroplast- a lightweight material that is ideal for indoor or short-term outdoor applications. It is one of the most widely used material in the industry.

High Quality Print: The Power Washing Lawn Sign is printed on vinyl using latex print technology and then applied to coroplast. 

Longevity: The Power Washing Lawn Sign is waterproof, weather resistant, and stain resistant.

Where are Power Washing Coroplast Lawn Signs Made?

The Power Washing Lawn Signs are made in Canada at our local sign shop in Surrey, B.C.